There is a new swim area at Ecbeach (Echo Beach), adjacent to Ontario Place

Many of us remember the Echo Beach song:

See attached map of beaches near Ontario Place:
  • Ecbeach = Echo Beach
  • Combeach = Combined Sewer Outfall Beach (right beside the most offensive of the CSOs)
  • Budbeach = Budweiser Beach
  • Eastbeach = East island beach near Trillium park
  • Southbeach = South-facing beach near Vista eatery and the large set of changerooms
  • Teachbeach = Teach Beach with nice fine pebbles (cleanest beach)
  • Cinebeach = Cinesphere Beach
  • Westchan = Ontario Place West Channel, home of the Pan Am Games and many other races, etc., and is marked off in Roman numerals every 100m along a 1km swim route.