Safety first

Swim at own risk.  Rock hazards and other debris.  Watch your head.  Never swim alone.

Changeroom facilities

 Now that pedestrian access to West Island is closed off, many of us change at the 3 unisex washrooms/changerooms at the entrance to Trillium Park:



The following might be out-of-date given recent consruction activities:

Heated changerooms / washrooms are open year-round.

There are 3 sets of changerooms / washrooms that are open, well-heated, well-maintained, and cleaned, year-round, and a 4th set of changerooms on EAST ISLAND that are open most of the year, into at least the first half of the winter months.

Map of changerooms that are open year-round, in relation to TeachBeach™...

This changeroom at EAST ISLAND is like what you'd find in a 5-star hotel or resort

Spacious heated changeroom at WEST ISLAND with solid maple bench, high-gloss finish, and coat hooks around the perimeter at the top of the wall.

There are coat hooks around the perimeter of the changeroom, along the top of the wall.

Modern spacious heated facilities cleaned regularly.  High gloss white tiles with bright LED strip lights.

Newly renovated, modern fixtures at the WEST ISLAND facilities
EAST ISLAND facilities are also available throughout the year