Teachbeach has cleanest water in all of Toronto

Teachbeach (the pebble beach adjoining West island, Ontario Place) has the cleanest water in all of Toronto:

Lowest ecoli count, 1.8 / 100

Full sampling results from yesterday are available at Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and pass fail results are available via The Swim Guide: Ontario PlaceRees StMarina 4Bathurst Quay, and Humber Bay Park West.

Ontario Place West Island Beach: PASS (1.8/100 MPN) 

Rees St:  PASS (7.1/100 MPN) 

Marina 4: PASS (7.3/100 MPN)

Bathurst Quay:  PASS (87.7/100 MPN)

Humber Bay Park WestFAIL (378.0/100 MPN)

We had a great swim today!

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