Toronto Mayoral Debate on the future of Ontario Place

Welcome to the 2023 Toronto Mayoral Debate on the future of Ontario Place! This highly anticipated event will be held May 6th, at the very beach that is at the center of the controversy surrounding the proposed Therme redevelopment plan.  The event will be live-streamed.

The debate will take place against the stunning backdrop of Lake Ontario and the iconic Cinesphere, a reminder of the rich history of Ontario Place as a hub of entertainment and recreation for Torontonians and visitors alike.

The debate will start at 12 noon after the Ontario Place for All Jane’s Walk, the candidates will take the stage to discuss the future of Ontario Place and the Therme project. This is a critical issue that has divided the city, with many concerned about the loss of public space and the potential negative environmental impact of the proposed development.

Gil Penalosa will be at the debate

The candidates will be asked tough questions about their stance on the project, their vision for the future of Ontario Place, and how they plan to balance the need for economic development with the preservation of public space.

This promises to be a lively and informative debate, with each candidate given equal time to share their views and respond to their opponents. As the city prepares for a crucial election, this debate will provide voters with an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates about their plans for one of Toronto's most beloved landmarks.

Join us for an evening of lively discussion and meaningful conversation about the future of Ontario Place. 

Hosted by Steve Mann, a world-renowned inventor, and U of T professor. 

Chole Brown at the 2022 mayorial debate
We have been working diligently to reach out to all of the mayoral candidates for the 2023 Toronto Mayoral Debate on the future of Ontario Place. We are pleased to announce that we have received confirmation from some of the candidates who will be in attendance. Those who have confirmed their attendance include Chloe Brown and Josh Matlow. We are continuing to reach out to the other candidates and hope to hear back from them soon. We believe that this event will be of great interest to Torontonians and those interested in the future of the city, and we are excited to hear from all of the candidates about their visions for Ontario Place.

2023 Mayoral Candidates:

  • Ana Bailao - declined
  • Anthony Furey - Confirmed
  • Brad Bradford - no response
  • Cory Deville - Confirmed
  • Anthony Perruzza - Confirmed
  • Jack Weenen - Confirmed
  • Chloe Brown - No show
  • Rob Davis - Confirmed
  • Mitzie Hunter - Confirmed
  • Celina Caesar-Chavannes - Confirmed
  • Darren Atkinson - Confirmed
  • Heather He - no response
  • Jody Williams - Confirmed
  • Frank D'Angelo - No show
  • Kiri Vadivelu - no response
  • Giorgio Mammoliti - No show
  • Josh Matlow - Confirmed
  • Mark Saunders - no response
  • Brian Graff - May attend, sent us a statement
  • Jeffery Tunney - no response
  • Knia Singh - Confirmed
  • Bahira Abdulsalam - Confirmed
  • Meir Straus - no response
  • Isabella Gamk - Confirmed
  • Kris Langenfeld - Confirmed
  • John Letonja - no response
  • Erwin Sniedzins - Confirmed
  • Olivia Chow - declined
  • Philip D'Cruze - Confirmed
  • Stephen Holyday - declined
  • Sarah Climenhaga - Confirmed
  • Jody Williams - Confirmed

Notable, confirmed guests include:

  • Ali Weinstein, a world-renowned filmmaker
  • Ryan Janzen, the world's most renowned hydraulist  and founder of Transpod
  • Margie Zeidler, Founder, Urban Space Property Group & daughter of the Ontario Place Architect.  
Corporate sponsorships:
  • Please email with any questions. 
  • An XLR audio output will be available and the event will be live-streamed via YouTube Live on this URL:

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