Occupy Ontario Place and join us for some underwater VR (Virtual Reality)

We've been at Ontario Place every single day despite the pouring rain yesterday and the day before... check out these pictures... don't let the miserable weather keep us away!

Today 3pm, Patrick and Steve and many others plan to swim.

We each swim at our own risk.  Know your limit and stay withinit.  Enter slowly and carefully and watch for rocks which often shift due to severe weather (don't rely on memory of where they are).

Always wear a safety visibility buoy ("towfloat") so the boats can see you and so we can all see each other and stick together.  Never swim alone!

Join us for some underwater VR (Virtual Reality) and metaverse and beyond.

Mersivity is XV (eXtended metaVerse): Technology in service of humanity and the environment.  http://Mersivity.com

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