Icewater dip, Saturdays 2pm, Trillium Park Entrance, Swimdock, and Kehm Beach

Saturdays 2pm we jump in the lake, at Kehm Beach (just outside the breakwall) if the weather is not too rough, or at the swimdock (just inside the mouth of the breakwall) if the weather is a bit rougher.

Jump into the lake right beside spacious year-round heated washrooms/changerooms.

On one side of the breakwall is the Swim Dock, and on the other side of the breakwall is Trillium Beach, so we'll decide which side to swim on based upon weather (rough or calm).

Meet at the 3 unisex washrooms/changerooms at the entrance to Trillium Park at Ontario Place East Island, where we'll get changed and then meet at the nearby blackboard.

Check out video from our last event to get a sense of what it's like:
If you're on Facebook, click "Going" on the Facebook event,

They blocked pedestrian access to our favorite beach to grift West Island to a foreign private collaborator, but they can't keep us out of the lake.
We'll bring healthy vegan snacks and underwater VR (Virtual Reality), XR (eXtended Reality) eyeglasses and lots of other fun things, and we'll finish up with a post-swim class / course on Mersivity (Sustainable Technology Society).

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