Photos from SwimOP's New Year's Polar Dip


As we dive into a new year, SwimOP continued its tradition of ringing on January 1st with an invigorating Polar Dip at the picturesque Michael Hough Beach. This annual event brought together a community of swimmers eager to start the year with a refreshing plunge into the chilly waters. In this post, I have added some more photos to complement the existing video and photos posted yesterday by Steve, 

A Cause to Dive For: Save The Trees at OP

Before the Polar Dip festivities commenced, many of us gathered at 11 AM to support the urgent cause of Save The Trees at OP. The initiative aims to preserve the greenery and natural beauty of our beloved outdoor pool area. For more details on this important cause, check out their website: Save The Trees at OP.

Vegan Delights and (ve)Ganuary Celebration

To fuel our bodies and celebrate the first day of the year in a health-conscious way, we brought along some delicious and healthy vegan snacks. The (ve)Ganuary celebration at 12 noon added a tasty touch to the event, creating an environment of warmth and festivity.

Memories Captured: Photos from the Polar Dip

Here are some snapshots from the event, freezing moments in time that encapsulate the joy and invigorating spirit of SwimOP's New Year's Polar Dip:

Thanks to Steven Evans for sending some of these photos in and everyone else who sent in some photos. 

Join Us Next Year!

We extend an invitation to all swimmers and water enthusiasts to join us next year for another exciting Polar Dip adventure. Follow SwimOP on Facebook for updates and event notifications, and sign up for email notifications

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