Ice swim at Ontario Place in minus 20 degree weather: There was an "Extreme cold warning" in effect from Environment Canada

60-minute sunbathing prior to the swim.

Roof deck temperature minus 19.6 deg C

Lake frozen in places

Lake frozen in places

Lake frozen in places

Chris and D'Arcy and others came to join us...

Getting ready for the swim

Thanks to D'Arcy for this picture.

Darcy et. al.

Previous group of swimmers (they'd finished their swim as we were arriving).

Ice forming along the beach

Here's TeachBeach from the East, looking West

The TeachBeach™ outdoor classroom

Scott at the beach getting ready for a swim.

Water temperature was minus 1.8 deg. C.

Air temperature was around minus 20 deg. C, and the chalkboard (blackboard) was + 37.3 deg. C... so getting changed in front of the chalkboard where there is less wind and more sun heat was a good choice.  We usually change at the chalkboard where the wind is less...

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