Boating season starts today: Always wear a towfloat!

Today = May 7th is the start of boating season at Ontario Place, so safety needs another dimension: visibility!

Always wear a towfloat (safety visibility marker).

A towfloat, also known as a swim buoy, or swim safety buoy, is a brightly colored floating object pulled behind a swimmer to increase visibility so as to be seen by boats.

Many towfloats also have a cargo area so you can put a cellphone and change of clothes in the float.  In this way if caught in a strong current and swept away from a preferred landing location, and land somewhere else, there is safety in having a communications device plus a change of clothes when the weather is cool.

I use a small 20 litre or 30 litre towfloat while in the cove area (close to the beach), or a larger float when swimming further out, e.g. a ruckraft is a good choice for longer swims because it has greater visibility and greater capacity (holds enough cargo for a 3 day camping trip).

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