I self-identify as a waterbird

We had a great swim today and there's so many birds in the air we decided we're birds too.

I'm a girl as of 2022 but I'll go back to being a boy in 2023, and continue as a girl on even-numbered years and a boy on odd-numbered years, but the more I think about it I'm feeling like a year is too long to wait for a gender switch.  I'm a girl on even-numbered days of the month and a boy on odd-numbered days.

Thinking about it more I've decided that hourly is the rate I want to change my gender, because by the minute is not enough time to finish using the washroom of my choice but hourly is, leaving me with a gender spectrum of 1/7200 seconds plus odd harmonics.

And since the washrooms (men's and women's) close at 11pm, I self-identify as a waterbird from 11pm to 6am daily, and in this way I'm never trespassing at the park because waterbirds, unlike humans, have the right to walk in the park past the 11pm closing.

More and more of us are self-identifying as waterbirds.  For waterbirds, public space is truly public.

Waterbirds also have a right to swim in the lake, at any time that they wish to.  Park hours and "NO SWIMMING" signs don't apply to us.

As Kate Rew so eloquently put it: "We do not want to queue up and pay for a swim, we want to swim as people walk: at 5am, for 3 minutes, at midnight, for hours,...."

As penguins we stand for Free Open Source (Linux) and Free Open Space (spaces that don't restrict walking or swimming or other natural activities that birds are allowed to do).

Here's our choice of pronouns at times when we self-identify as birds: bi bir birs birself.

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