Swim and beach cleanup Friday May 13th with Chris Glover, then with SwimDrinkFish at Teachbeach

On Friday, May 13th at 12 noon Chris Glover will join us for a swim + beach cleanup at Teachbeach.

Let's swim with Chris for cleaner lakes and more "blue space".

There are 2 separate but contiguous events tomorrow:

12 noon-3pm: Swim with Chris Glover and SwimOP + beach cleanup;

3pm-4pm: Beach cleanup continues with SwimDrinkFish and SwimOP.

Since it is going to be such a beautiful day, many of us plan to spend the whole day at Teachbeach, to swim with Chris at noon and continue cleaning up the beach, sunbathing, and "double dipping" (swimming more than once).

Teachbeach is wonderfully recessed in a nice warm little nook where the wind is very little, and so today for example we were sunbathing on the hot rocks and it felt like summer, no need for a towel, just go for a nice long swim and roast yourself on the hot rocks to warm and dry in the hot sun.

Friday's predicted to be a scorcher with 26 degree weather which is really hot in the sun with the wind shelter afforded by Teachbeach.

Hope to see many of you there!

Chris Clover to TeachBeach

Perry Toone

Perry, the founder of Thexyz and Curious Penguins, is an open water swimmer and an open-source software enthusiast. He develops privacy-respecting software, fuelled by a passion for digital privacy and high security standards.

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