Combeach (Combined Sewer Outfall Beach) looks smaller than Teachbeach

The new beach proposed for Ontario Place would be directly adjacent to the CSO (Combined Sewer Outfall), and facing traffic on the Gardiner Expressway.  It looks smaller than the existing clean (sandfree, sandless) pebble beach known as TeachBeach where we have 998 members of and many others not on Facebook who swim there daily year-round.

Teachbeach is often crowded and packed on hot days even though nothing has been done to promote it, and in fact lots has been done to hide it or discourage swimming there (e.g. installation of "NO SWIMMING" signs, and other tactics to hide or discourage its use).

Additionally, Teachbeach has a nice microclimate of a warm sunny south-facing nook that faces away from road traffic on the Gardiner Expressway and the crowded lakeshore boulevard.  The view and cleanliness of Teachbeach is unparalleled and due to the absence of sand the water is the most crystal-clear in all of Toronto.

Will Teachbeach be preserved or will any changes be made to it?

What about the Ontario Place West Channel where lots of people already also swim?

If Combeach is proposed as a replacement to Teachbeach, it will be totally inadequate, especially if Ontario Place expands its promotional outreach and attracts larger crowds.

If Combeach is being proposed in addition to Teachbeach being preserved, then the proposal might be more reasonable, and in fact there should be beach all around the perimeter of West Island.

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