Yesterday's swim to Toronto Island went well

Yesterday's swim to Toronto Island went well.  I loaded my paddleboard with 2 paddles and 2 lifejackets and a large watermelon, loaf of bread, block of cheese, and other goodies, plus Tommi's bag, etc., and towed that behind me.  We had 3 paddleboards (including mine) surrounding the swimmers for safety, as well as a number of Vuzix SmartSwim eyeglasses and a navigation server for safety markers and wayfinding.
We never swim alone, and always swim surrounded by vessels moving along with the swimmers.
If you're thinking of a swim to #torontoisland check out the safety tips and watch the safety video and also let us know and maybe we can join together into a larger group of vessels for safety.
The Keep-Out buoys are marked in accordance with Officer Lee's advice from Toronto Police Marine Unit, as per the safety video.
Watch out for jetskis.

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