Origins of National Towfloat Day

Most serious swimmers wear a towfloat so they're visible to passing boats that
often come close to shore and even land on the beach sometimes.  The bright
orange or magenta colour is much more visible than a swimmer's head, even
when wearing a brightly coloured swim cap.

We're a small swim community of about 1000 members (
who mostly know each other and watch out for each other's belongings while we
swim at Teachbeach.  We don't all swim at the same time, but on any given day
there will be quite a few of us who all know each other.  So many of us leave
our keys and wallet and phone sitting on the beach while we swim.

Labour Day weekend brings thousands of people to the beach to see the air show
which begins the Saturday before Labour Day.
Labour Day is the first Monday of September, a Canadian holiday that dates back
to the 1800s.

The air show brings
large crowds of strangers, and it feels like there is no safe place to leave our
keys, wallet, phone, etc., on the beach while we swim.

The Saturday before Labour Day is the first and biggest day of the air show,
and that's when many of us realized the benefits of a towfloat, especially one
of the larger ones that can hold your entire outfit.  A SwimBuddy can hold about
30L and some towfloats like the LUCKSTONE Inflatable Waterproof Floating Dry Bag Rucksack can hold 60L (e.g. shoes, clothing, coat or jacket, etc).
Perhaps the biggest towfloat is the Ruckraft which can hold 100L.
Beyond that size, many of us use a brightly coloured
SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) as a towfloat
to carry even more cargo in dry bags,
and to provide even better visibility to boat traffic.

In this way you don't need to leave anything on the beach and you have the freedom to depart from one beach and arrive at a different beach.

So that's why the Saturday of Labour Day weekend is known as National Towfloat Day.

Endurosport Toronto sells SwimBuddy and Myfloat,

You can get a simple towfloat for
less than $20 at Walmart:

And you can also carry important safety equipment and emergency supplies in a towfloat.  Like a smartphone to make an emergency call if you wash up on some strange beach, or so loved ones can find you if you lose your way, or simply to update and track your routes and exercise.  And if you're wearing a waterproof headup display you can see the maps and GPS paired to a smartphone in the towfloat.

Wear a towfloat Sat. September 3rd to help us raise awareness for beach safety.

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