Bring your towfloat to the beach this Sat. Sep. 3rd at 2pm...

This Saturday is International Tow float Day, and we want to get a group picture of lots of people at the beach with tow floats, in order to raise awareness for beach safety.

If you have one, bring it, and maybe bring an extra if you have one to lend out, and we'll see if we can get a picture with lots of people with tow floats.

A tow float is a safety float that makes swimmers visible to boaters.  Many tow floats also have a dry cargo hold area to carry safety equipment such as a cellphone, change of clothes, towel, etc., and we hope to promote the use of tow floats among the swimming community.

You can also track your swims with a smartphone running GPS logger, and you can even display your map on a head-up display while swimming!

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