Swim to the break wall and some diving from the wall

 Today was a beautiful day to be at TeachBeach and there were many people swimming and enjoying the water. A few of us ended up swimming to the break wall and I captured Steve and Patrick doing some nice dives. 

Here is the Strava data from the swim and no it did not take us 9 minutes. I think the settings on my Strava are programmed for pools and not a lake. That pace would be incredible if true, we would be some of the fastest humans to ever swim. It is good to get an idea of distance through Strava and see the route. Steve captured some really great panaorma photos today so be sure to check the Facebook Group. We connected a speaker and amplyifer while on the wall and I treated everyone to a sample of some music I created after reading Finnigans Wake by James Joyce. I wrote the lyrics myself, and the tracks are available to download free here.
Perry Toone

Perry, the founder of Thexyz and Curious Penguins, is an open water swimmer and an open-source software enthusiast. He develops privacy-respecting software, fuelled by a passion for digital privacy and high security standards.

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