Walk through Ontario Place with John Lorinc and Shawn Micallef

We had some swimmers from SwimOP attend this informative walk through Ontario Place that was organized by Spacing co-founders, John Lorinc and Shawn Micallef. In attendance was the Gil PenalosaAusma Malik, David Crombie, Steve MannApril Engelberg, Ali Weinstein, Perry Toone, Norm Di Pasquale and more. 

Many people turned up to the walk through Ontario Place although access was restricted due to an event.

Shawn Micallef with Ausma Malik

April Engelberg and Gil Penalosa

A swimmer at Ontario Place alongside the walk

Listening to Shawn Micallef at Trillium Park

Perry Toone

Perry, the founder of Thexyz and Curious Penguins, is an open water swimmer and an open-source software enthusiast. He develops privacy-respecting software, fuelled by a passion for digital privacy and high security standards.

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