Desecrated Indigenous children's memorial used by Therme + Baird as a backdrop to discredit Micheal Hough beach

Yesterday (Saturday), Therme posted a video where they used the ruins of the EVERY CHILD MATTERS memorial as their backdrop to discredit Michael Hough beach.  As you can see the children's shoes are strewn in ruins together with piles of rubble and a disarray of fall-protection railings created when Therme collaborators brought in angle grinders and bulldozers October 2022 to desecrate the Indigenous children's memorial and pull out the safety railings that were originally protecting people from falling over the embankment.

Did they want to deliberately endanger the public by creating a hazard or was it simply to create a pile of squalor on the beach?

Now Therme carefully chose this pile of debris as a background to shoot a rather distorted video of the beach, so as to create the false impression that the beach is in a state of bad disrepair that requires it to be removed and replaced with shoreline armour so that the beach can be relocated to the "armpit" of the breakwall next to the sewage outfall.

Now compare their view to the view facing the other way with lots of people enjoying the beach in early spring weather: it is still only mid April and the beach is quite well-attended:

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