Protesters gather at Queens Park in opposition to private Therme Mega Spa on public land

In a vivid display of unity and protest, hundreds gathered to voice their concerns over the privatization plans of the Mega Spa. The event was not just a demonstration but also a showcase of culture and talent. Prominent figures like Mike Schreiner, the Party Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, and Kristyn Wong-Tam, Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario, were present, adding weight to the cause. The gathering was not just about speeches; it was interspersed with musical interludes, including a captivating performance on the Hydraulophone by Kristyn Wong-Tam. Chris Glover delivered a passionate speech, and Steve's musical talents were on full display. The message was clear: No private spa on public land. The event was a blend of protest, music, and a call for action, all set against the backdrop of Queens Park.
"OP Not Yours To Give Away"

Mike Schreiner, Party Leader of the Green Party of Ontario

Hundreds gathered to protest the Mega Spa privatization plans.

The Hydraulophone can also be seen.

Half a billion dollars for a private spa on public land does sound crazy.

No Private Spa on our public land.

Kristyn Wong-Tam, Member of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario

Norm from OP4ALL with his bullhorn. 

On the road outside Queens Park

Kristyn Wong-Tam plays the Hydraulophone

Chris Glover makes a speech

Steve shows off his musical talents

Perry Toone

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