Save Our Beach! Join Us on October 3rd at the Toronto Board of Trade!

💪 Our Goal:
To champion the cause of saving our precious beach, and to promote the idea that public spaces like our waterfronts are real world-class locales and should remain accessible to everyone, not just converted into commercial entities like the proposed MegaSpa.

🌟 Featured Speakers: 🌟
Kinga Surma & Doug Ford: Invited by the Toronto Board of Trade, they will be presenting their visions of how their proposed MegaSpa will transform our waterfront into a "world-class" location.

📣 What We Are Protesting Against:
The proposed MegaSpa threatens to usurp our public space, diminishing the area's natural beauty and accessibility. We believe in preserving our beaches and ensuring they remain a haven for residents and visitors alike, to experience, explore, and enjoy the unadulterated beauty of nature.

Why You Should Join:

  • Raise Awareness: Let’s educate the public on the irreversible impacts of commercializing our beachfront.
  • Voice Your Opinion: Stand with us in sending a message to Kinga Surma, Doug Ford, and the Toronto Board of Trade that our public space is already world-class and should remain so.
  • Community Strength: Showcase the strength and unity of the community in preserving our environment and public spaces.

🌟 Special Additions to the Day’s Activities: 🌟

👙 Sunbathing and Relaxation:
Come in your bathing suits, bring your towels, blankets, towfloats, etc., and join us for a lively session of sunbathing and relaxation on the sidewalk in front of "The Quay" (Toronto Board of Trade) as Doug Ford and Kinga Surma present inside.

🏖️ Imagined Beach Party:
In a show of spirit and creativity, we will be transforming the sidewalk into our own ‘imagined beach’. It's a beach party with a twist, providing a whimsical and meaningful backdrop to our protest.

🍏 Refreshments & Fun:
We will be providing some delicious fruits and snacks to keep the energy high! It’s not just a protest; it’s a gathering of like-minded individuals coming together to have some fun while fighting for a cause.

Ontario Place for All will be joining us, enhancing our message with their powerful signs and presence. Their contribution will surely amplify our voices and make the event unforgettable!

Craft Your Message:
Feel free to create some insightful and impactful signs like:

Direct & Clear:
"Preserve Our Public Spaces!"
"Our Beach, Our Right!"
"Say No to MegaSpa!"
"Public Spaces Over Profits!"
"Keep Our Beaches Free and Clean!"
Witty & Memorable:
"Don’t Trade Our Shore for a Store!"
"Keep Your Spa Away from Our Shore!"
"This Land is Our Land, Not Spa Land!"
"We Prefer Waves Over Raves!"
"Our Shore is Already World-Class!"
Impactful & Thoughtful:
"Protect Our Natural Heritage!"
"Commercial Free Zones = Happy Zones!"
"Preserve the Beauty, Reject the Duty!"
"More Access, Less Excess!"
"Save Our Shores, Say No to Commercial Stores!"
Eco & Conservation-Focused:
"Preserve Today, Thrive Tomorrow!"
"Nature is Not for Sale!"
"Eco Over Ego!"
"Green Spaces, Not Spa Places!"
"Conserve Our Coasts, Preserve Our Posts!"
Community & Unity Focused:
"United for Unspoiled Shores!"
"Community Over Commodity!"
"Together for Public Spaces!"
"Unity for Community!"
"Beaches are for People, Not for Profit!"

🌿 Eco-conscious Reminder: 🌿
Let’s be mindful of our environment during the protest. Please avoid single-use plastics, and remember to clean up after yourselves.

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Let's come together on October 3rd at 10 AM, outside The Quay, to protect our beach and to let our voices echo the message that our public spaces are already world-class and should not be commercialized. Be part of the force that strives to make a difference for the future of our beautiful waterfronts. We hope to see you there!

Together, we can save our beach! 🌊💙
Perry Toone

Perry, the founder of Thexyz and Curious Penguins, is an open water swimmer and an open-source software enthusiast. He develops privacy-respecting software, fuelled by a passion for digital privacy and high security standards.

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