Saturday Snowstorm Swimdock Social, 2024jan13 at 2pm

Tomorrow = Saturday, January 13th, let's all meet at the heated washrooms/changerooms at the entrance to Trillium Park even those who don't want to swim but just want to get together and meet for social....

We all really miss each other and just want a few minutes to be together.

You can watch as some of the more foolish among us swim the 7 metres (about 23 feet) to the swimdock, just for the pleasure of reaching that little wooden island next to the heated changerooms.

Many people are bringing chalk for the giant blackboard that faces the swimdock.

Checkout our Facebook event,

Also for those who want a little bit of a chill but without swimming, you can always change into your swimsuit and roll in the fresh blanket of fluffy snow.

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