Crashed in the bike lane today due to construction debris and dangerous conditions

I crashed in the bike lane today due to construction debris and dangerous conditions with sharp pieces of metal, sandbags, tree stumps, etc., littering the path.  Cement dust makes the path very slippery as well, and I witnessed two other crashes during the short time I was there taking pictures for documentation.

Give us a Place to $tand and a Place to Fall.

Ontario Place has endangered the public through their denaturement of the Martin Goodman trail (waterfront trail along Lakeshore Boulevard), rendering it unsafe for human use.  They created a very narrow path so treacherous that various wheelchair users were unable to navigate it and had to turn back disappointed they could not proceed along the trail.

Ontario Place blocked so much of the trail that when bicycles pass by coming from opposite directions, at least one person has to ride off the pavement and onto debris, either sand, cement dust, sharp metal, or tree stumps. Joggers are also being injured as they must run into the debris when bicycles or scooters lose control along the narrow path with slippery dust.

I have a disability due to an injury that makes it problematic for me to drive a car or ride a bicycle so City of Toronto has confirmed my Razor scooter is OK for riding outdoors.  It has been modified for my needs with some custom work, but unfortunately is no longer operational after the crash.  The crash has also been a major setback to my attempt at recovering from a back injury.

This is what happens when corporate greed takes over public space.

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