2:30pm today=Sat. at the fire pit

Today=Sat. 2:30pm at the fire pit a bunch of us are meeting to swim to Michael Hough Beach ... we all swim at our own risk, wear towfloats, enter water slowly and carefully, know our limits and stay within its... SwimOP = Swim at OP (Ontario Place) Ismail Aboufirass Dan Bowman Daniel Bros Danny Dishy Perry Toone Sylvie Martine Susan Weatherhead Menary Natasha Lemire-Blair Amy Herskowitz Benjamin Flores Connor Waddell Chita Cameron Cindy Wilkey Dani Simone D'Arcy Dunal Francesca Bouaoun Gordon Peck Georgia Zimbel Graham Huber Hiren Ganatra Ian Smith Ian Darragh Jeff Dodge Lynda Dunal

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