Suspicous activity at Ontario Place: Tree creep spray-painting trees and hiding behind a tree watching us swim through a camera phone

Yesterday we went for a swim around the islands and stopped at Micheal Hough Beach and discovered there was someone spray-painting black lines around trees, and when we came to the beach the suspect started hiding behind a tree, watching us through a cameraphone. We were wearing standard lycra swim briefs and bright orange towfloats as swimmers typically wear.  

The "TreeCreep" watching us while hiding behind the tree was dressed in grey sweatpants, black t-shirt, and a high-viz vest, wearing a white hard-hat, and carrying a backpack.  As we walked along the beach, TreeCreep slowly moved around the tree so as to always remain behind the tree, out-of-sight of us, while sneakily using a cameraphone as a kind of periscope to keep watching or recording us.

We decided to split up and walk in separate directions and when TreeCreep became visible to one of us, TreeCreep fled into the woods.

The tree in question appears adorned with black markings around its branches, and bright orange tape.

We'd love to have some insight as to what's happening here.

The Government has promised us no trees or shrubs will be touched until review date to be announced.

It seems like maybe the suspect was doing something illegal and was caught in the act. Here's some pictures that we took from outside the fence:

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