Lovely sunny day for a swim, even if the sign says no swimming

No swimming signs are back
More action at the Teach Beach
Great to have a pebble beach on days like this
Chris splashing around before going to do some dives
That's my leg
New camera phone so expect some more panos
Back on the bike today
Some action in the marina today
Perry Toone

Perry, the founder of Thexyz and Curious Penguins, is an open water swimmer and an open-source software enthusiast. He develops privacy-respecting software, fuelled by a passion for digital privacy and high security standards.


  1. This sign is located below the high water mark so it is located on property that Ontario Place Corporation does not own, and moreover, we don't believe that the Corporation has any legal right to dicate behaviour upon property that it does not own, i.e. the lake and the beach up to the high water mark.

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