We're going to swim or paddle to Teachbeach tomorrow = Sunday morning

West island at Ontario Place is closed this whole weekend so the only way to get to the beach is to swim or paddle there.

Feel free to join us but please respect the closure and don't venture onto the rest of the island beyond your legally allowed right to stop at the beach on navigable waters.

Many people stop at beaches to rest or make minor adjustments or repairs to their boards, and we spoke to the staff at Ontario Place today and everyone's OK with that.

There have been some security issues with the concert, so understandably there is concern regarding drugs, weapons, etc., being brought in.  Thus you will likely see a lot of police on the island.

We had seven police on motorcycles smile and wave at us and say hello, as they all know us by now as the swimmers and paddlers who frequent the island.

Please be respectful and keep the place tidy.

Today we did an extensive beach cleanup.

Check our event listings on Facebook to keep up-to-date.

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