Hundreds of people from several groups protest the Ontario Government plans to destroy trees and public space

Signs were everywhere expressing outrage at the Ontario Government

In the vibrant heart of Toronto rests Ontario Place, a cherished public park embodying the spirit of community, nature, and respite. Recently, the serene spaces of Ontario Place have become the central stage for a powerful demonstration of public dissent and unity. The air is tense, filled with passionate cries and melodic tunes, each resonating with a collective wish to preserve the essence of this public haven.

Signs showcasing a myriad of emotions and concerns are ubiquitous, expressing widespread outrage at the Ontario Government and its proposed initiatives. The public's voice is not singular, nor is it confined to the whispers between the trees; it is a chorus of displeasure directed not only at the government but also at the Canadian Architects Diamond Schmitt for their contributions to the contentious plans.

Norm Di Pasquale, a representative from Ontario Place For All, took a pivotal role in orchestrating the symphony of dissent, introducing an arborist to emphasize the significant environmental concerns raised by the government’s propositions. Residents and supporters arrived in harmony, adorned in T-shirts clearly stating their refusal to accept a Therme Mega Spa on their cherished public land.

Music, the universal language of emotions, adorned the air at the beach, enhancing the spiritual resistance against corporate welfare from the Ontario Conservative Party. The beach, as well as the surrounding trees and open spaces, became the symbols of a relentless fight to safeguard the communal spirit of Ontario Place, as people expressed their desire to save not just the flora but the entire public park from potential obliteration.

The peaceful yet powerful uproar from the people, their unwavering stand to leave the trees untouched, and their unity to ensure Ontario Place remains inclusive for all, including the birds, paint a vivid picture of a community’s love for its public spaces and its resolve to fight for their conservation.

This evolving saga of preservation and protest in Ontario Place is not just a local concern; it is a symbol, a living, breathing reminder of the constant battle between public good and private interest, between preservation and profit, and between the silent strength of the trees and the resounding voices of the people.

Norm Di Pasquale from Ontario Place For All introduces an Arborist
People also expressed outrage at the Canadian Architects Diamond Schmitt for their part in the plans
Some wonderful music at the beach
People wish to save this public park at Ontario Place, not just the trees, and beach
No more corporate welfare from the Ontario Conservative party
People unite to save the forest at Ontario Place from destruction
Ontario Government security forces tried to stop us with threats to call the police. 

Documentary filmmakers found their muse in the poignant atmosphere of Michael Hough Beach, capturing every ripple of emotion and every echo of protest. The artistic outcry reached its zenith with a plethora of creative and impactful signs and slogans, each narrating a unique perspective on the struggle to save Ontario Place.

Documentary filmmakers descend on Michael Hough Beach.

Some excellent signs were out on display.

T-Shirts also show that people don't want a Therme Mega Spa on public land.

Save Ontario Place, our public park
The fight is not merely against potential ecological destruction but is also a united stand against various corruption scandals that surround the Ontario Conservative Party, with figures like Doug Ford finding themselves under scrutiny from not just the RCMP and Auditor General but also fictional environmental guardians like The Lorax. 

The Lorax is now on the case of Doug Ford, not just RCMP and Auditor General for various corruption scandals that surround the Ontario Conservative Party. 

Leave the Trees!
Ontario Place for All, including the birds
Save Our Trees!

Some video clips and speeches...

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